How Do I Keep Surfaces Sanitary? When new decorations go up, old decorations come down. Because of this, things can pile up and make spaces difficult to clean. We suggest decorating in ways that do not overload surfaces with stuff that has to be constantly moved. Totally reworking rooms usually leads to a little more clutter, and more clutter makes you less inclined to sanitize those areas. When this happens, it allows for more dust and bacteria to grow until you clean a few months down the road.

Ways to Periodically Spruce Up and Sanitize

  • Before adding any seasonal decor, deep-clean your future decorated space.
  • Do not neglect to wipe down areas once they are decorated.
  • Wash seasonal blankets and pillows regularly.

Is There a Way to Decorate Without Making My Space Messier?

There is! It’s no secret that lots of clutter can contribute to feelings of stress and anxiety, so it may be helpful to decorate with a minimalistic approach this season. Less gaudy, bulky decor and more purposeful additions can help keep your home and brain feeling fresh and organized. If you’re new to this idea, we’ve listed some tips to make your decorating more sustainable and less cluttered below.

Cleaner Ways to Decorate

  • Don’t buy new decor every year. Try to keep a stash of things that are reusable each holiday season.
  • Donate decor that you don’t love! One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.
  • When you change out seasonal decorations, stash away other decorations that are usually on display. This keeps things interesting and not overly full.
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